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Lubuskie Mazury

Is a land that captivates with its natural beauty, varied forests and numerous clean lakes. You can come back here every year and constantly discover new places for a summer adventure.

Lubuskie Mazury is an area of ​​Natura 2000, which provides tourists with peace and quiet with beautiful nature, with numerous waterfowl, floating flower islands, with protected birds and vegetation that we will not see in other regions of Poland.

Lubuskie Mazury is located in the "Puszcza Drawska" Protected Landscape Area and in the Special Bird Protection Area "Forests of the Puszcza Puszcza Drawa" and the Special Habitat Protection Area "Uroczyska Puszcza Drawska."

Lubuskie Mazury is an area of ​​about 100 lakes with an area of more than 1 ha with a total of one thousand hectares of water surface which gives a shipping route over 70 km. Lubuskie Mazury is also an area of ​​the Drawieński National Park with an area of 113.4 km², with the charming Drawa River and other rivers adjacent to it (one of the cleanest rivers in Poland), surprising views, with kayaking, numerous bicycle and walking route

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